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Cashflow Feature

  • Provision for Barcode Billing & Printing
  • Item Search on Name, Code, Fast Search Code, etc
  • Provision for Item Photo printing on bill
  • Multi Bills on Single Computer for multi customer handling
  • Credit / Cash / Credit Card / Cash + Credit Card provision
  • Shorcut option for Export/Import Bills Items
  • Party wise credit/cash provision
  • Ledger & Outstanding for Cash Sale & Stock Add/Less
  • Cash / Card / Cheque Receipt & Advance Cheque provision in Bill
  • Credit/Debit Note adjustment provision in bill
  • Provisions of add/less in bill for Freight, Packing, Others
  • Hide Party/Item provision (Show only to selected users)
  • Order Selection: Selective/All Items. Balance order shift in Shortage, Delete, Pending
  • Ledger Balance, Overdue, Outstanding Bills, Credit Limit, Last Bill History,Last Payment Detail, PDC Pending, Annual & Monthly Sales and Return %, Address Rate, Scheme & discount ask only on right key and skip on enter for very fast billing Print Batch provision for less from other batch and print other batch (Party wise) Default/Separate bill remark eg. "Happy New Year"
  • Auto split of bills on Company, Tax Type, MRP/Sale Tax, etc bases
  • Physical stock verification based on Company, Category, Group, Manufacture, Rack, Batch, Expiry etc

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